Piemonte Italy

Piemonte is situated in the North West corner of Italy and comprises the provinces of Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo, Novara, Vercelli, and Turin which is the region’s Capital. The area forms part of an industrial triangle created by Milan, Turin and Genoa.

Piemonte (or Piedmont as the English refer to it) has long been regarded as Italy’s little secret where Italians for many years and to this current day use the area as a vacation destination. The 2006 Winter Olympics have been a great advertisement for Piemonte and has served to introduce this beautiful area to the world.

The region is world famous for its wine production and the Langhe hills are home to the great Barolo wines and nearby Asti produces its Spumante. Food lovers around the world visit the region to sample its truffles and visit Bra the capital of the “Slow Food movement”.

Piemonte boasts some of Europe’s most breath taking landscapes which take the form of vines and rolling hills therefore making it ideal for those who enjoy sporting activity such as trekking, horse riding and cycling.

The regions mountains provide spectacular settings for its ski resorts such as Claviere, Sauze d’Oux and Sestriere (it is no coincidence that the winter Olympics were held in Piedmont in 2006) and the areas proximity to the Ligurian coast make the region an ideal holiday destination.

Piemonte is very accessible particularly for the Germans and Swiss and with the advent of cheap flights from London and Luton, flying to Genoa and Turin, the British are now able to participate in the delights of the area. The climate is mild therefore making it an ideal area to buy a holiday home, relocate, or as a holiday destination.

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