The weather in Piemonte (Piedmont) Italy

Its been a strange time regarding the weather here in Piemonte. Usually from March onwards you can expect the weather to turn for the better, you know, summer is kind of around the corner. But as I said its been a funny old year weather wise, its just rained and rained now for 5 weeks

At the start of this cycle the rain was most welcome, we’ve had little snow and without question the land needs water. But now the tables are turning as the excess rain now poses a threat to the fruit and wine production of the area.

I’ve spoken to several of the locals including experienced farmers who reckon rain like this has not been seen for at least 50 years, some say they have never seen rain like this at all.

A lot of people say to me that it must be difficult to sell houses in this weather but we feel that if you like the area and the property in this freak weather you’re going to love it when the sun comes out. Warts and all approach.

The locals are all cursing of course as they desperately wait for the sun to reappear. But what are the alternatives? Its raining in Liguria, Nice and even Spain. Some say the weather patterns are changing, who knows.

Anyway we are into our second day of sunshine now and the weather rumor factory says there is a new cycle of pressure coming in which will yield plenty of sun and heat.

My views, of course I’d love some sun, but The Langhe region is still stunning in the rain. I love it.

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