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Why buy in Piemonte

Map showing the major cities and towns of Piedmont, Italy

The Climate

The Region has four distinct seasons but in general possesses a Mediterranean feel strongly influenced by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. Winters are short and cold (the snow and mountains providing spectacular scenery for the region's ski resorts). Spring and autumn are long and warm while the summer is hot and dry.


Piemonte is easily accessable and includes several international airports at Torino,Milan and Genova. (see our Italian resource links page).

Wine and Cuisine

Piedmont is home to some of the world's most respected award winning wines such as Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and Asti Spumante among many others. The most widely grown grape is of the Nebbiolo variety which is used to produce the famous Barolo wine. The region is world famous for its white truffles which attract thousands of tourists each year to celebratory festivals during autumn, the most famous of which is held in Alba. We must not forget the great cheeses such as the Robiola ('tuma' as the locals call it) which is produced in the Langhe hills. The region is also well known for its hazelnuts which are sold in small craft shops specializing in the production of sweets using this traditional product.

The People

The Piemontese are very friendly sincere people and welcome foreigners worldwide. This ensures you integrate fully and enjoy the relaxed Italian lifestyle. It is useful to speak a few words of Italian and indeed Italians will help you learn the language and make it an enjoyable experience. They will also be keen to learn a few foreign words from you. The whole of Italy including the Piemontese place great importance on family values.

Property prices, rental potential, and business potential

Prices in Piemonte currently reflect excellent value for money when compared to other regions in Italy like Tuscany. The regions proximity to the coast and ski resorts offers great potential to realise a rental income. There are opportunities for bed and breakfast, agriturismo and a variety of other business ventures particularly if you speak some Italian. We are happy to discuss these with you when you visit.

The cities

Piedmont contains the provinces of Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo, Novara, Turin and Vercelli. The region forms part of an industrial triangle created by Milan Turin and Genoa.

Turin (Torino) is the regional capital and possesses many fine shops and museums of historical interest. The area has many famous towns such as Asti and Barolo which are world famous for its wines while Alba with its chic sophistication is home to the white truffle festival in autumn.


Piemonte boasts some of Europe’s most breathtaking landscapes which take the form of vines and rolling hills therefore making it ideal for those who enjoy sporting activity such as trekking, horse riding and cycling.
The regions snow and mountains provide spectacular settings for its ski resorts found both North and South of Torino:

  • Valle di Susa - This area extends over 1500 km of ski runs and trails, set in a natural landscape that is unmatched anywhere in the world. They offer illuminated slopes for night skiing and extremely long off-trail routes through fresh snow. Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, Claviere and Sansicario are some of the ski resorts found in this area.
  • Cuneo & Mondovi Valle - The Cuneo and Mondovi areas offer a vast expanse of ski runs, state of the art lifts, unspoilt landscapes and opportunities for visitors to sample the local delights at many après ski venues. Limone Piemonte, Artesinia, Prato Nevosa, Lurisia, Frabosa Soprana and Garessio are some of the resorts in these valleys.