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What to buy in Piemonte?

What to Buy

We have a comprehensive range of properties available ranging from traditional Piemontese farmhouses to modern style Italian villas however our aim is to find a property that is right for you. The information here has been written in order to give you an idea of the type of properties that are available, assist you with the website search facility and put you in an informed position ahead of your visit to Piemonte.

Rustic property

Piemonte has many beautiful rustic properties known in Italy as Rustici. These can take the form of buildings and farmhouses built from traditional  stone. This type of property has generally been left to ruin and will require substantial renovation work. Rustici usually have a farming connection from the past and as such are located in idyllic rural positions and if restored can become your dream holiday home. View our Rustic property.


Throughout Italy and particularly Piedmont one will find many traditional farmhouses for sale in various states of disrepair, some requiring modernisation and others a complete restoration project. The reasons are many but in general it is just not practical for the elderly owners to carry on working the land and today’s younger Italian generation no longer have the desire to continue this type of lifestyle and maintain the condition of the property. The younger Italian generation also prefer to live close to lively cities and not in a rural location.

These farmhouses often have a characteristic L-shape and come with substantial haylofts which offer many flexible accommodation options for the new owner. The properties are usually located in idyllic, tranquil, rural locations and offer the potential new owner the opportunity of restoring the property with individual personal design and creating the house of their dreams.
View Italian farmhouses.

Business opportunities

We always have a range of businesses for sale ranging from restaurants, agriturismo, hotels, bed and breakfast, apartments to rent, vineyards and hazelnut groves. View our Italian business properties.

We also always have many properties which would be suitable for the above business ventures - view our Business potential properties.

Restoration or modernisation

What do we mean by restoration? Many of these farmhouses will require a new roof, walls to be rebuilt and connection to all the major services. It is essential not to become confused with the term modernising, which really includes such things as new bathrooms, new kitchens, new windows, new floor tiles, some electrical work and minor repairs to the property. Many of the properties we have that require modernising are simply habitable but would benefit greatly by further work, in many cases the new owner would complete the modernisation work. View our properties for modernisation.

Restoration is a major building project which requires the owner to work with a Geometra to plan the project and normally require the skills of experienced local builders to complete the building work. See our properties for restoration.

Costs of Restoration and modernisation

The costs of restoring a property vary dramatically depending on the level of restoration necessary. We will discuss all the costs involved with you therefore enabling you to make an informed decision.

The costs to modernise a property are substantially less as no structural work is involved.

We are pleased to recommend a local Geometra, builders and suppliers. 

Perfectly Habitable/Ready to move into

Many of our properties are ready to move into and involve no extra work. Decoration of course is subjective and the potential new owner may want to make changes to their personal tastes. View our perfectly habitable properties.