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Italian Property FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to employ a Solicitor?

In Italy the Italian Notaio acts on behalf of both the buyer and the seller and is responsible for the legality of the Legal transfer of property. Some of our clients have preferred to also employ their own UK based solicitor for additional piece of mind – this is of course personal choice and we can provide you with contact details if you choose.

In Italy the buyer is responsible for the Notaio fee which varies depending on the complexity of the work involved – usually from Euro 1000 upwards.

I am relocating to Piemonte. Do I need to speak Italian?

The Piemontese are very friendly sincere people and welcome foreigners worldwide. This ensures you integrate fully and enjoy the relaxed Italian lifestyle. It is useful to speak a few words of Italian and indeed Italians will help you learn the language and make it an enjoyable experience. They will also be keen to learn a few foreign words from you. 

What is the rental potential on property in Piemonte?

The regions cuisine, wine, proximity to the coast and ski resorts offers great potential to realise an all year round rental income. Marketed correctly there are excellent opportunities for bed and breakfast, agriturismo and a variety of other business ventures particularly if you speak some Italian. We are happy to discuss these in detail with you when you visit.

I want to buy a property with vineyards or hazelnuts. Who will look after these when I am away?

Piemonte is an agricultural area and as such it is very easy to find a local Italian farmer to take care of vineyards, hazelnuts or general garden maintenance at little expense.

Is it easy to arrange insurance?

It is very straightforward to insure your property in Piemonte and crime rates are low. We will be pleased to obtain quotations on your behalf.

I have heard that prices are rising quickly, how quickly should I buy?

Prices in Piemonte are rising but still currently reflect excellent value for money when compared to other parts of the world and other regions in Italy like Tuscany. If you are serious to purchase a property in Piemonte we recommend you start your search now to ensure you are able to find the property you require at the right price.

I have found a property I like but I want to make some modifications?

We will ask the Geometra to assess your required modifications and comment within his technical report to ensure your desired modifications are possible. This is of course completed prior to you committing to purchase the property.

What is the climate like especially in winter?

Piemonte has four distinct seasons. The winter is cold during January and February but in general sunny and dry. There are usually two or three snowfalls each winter which are dealt with effectively. Spring and autumn are usually warm and dry while summer is always hot.

Can I obtain a mortgage in Italy?

Mortgage finance is available in Italy and we are pleased to introduce you to Italian banks.

Can I install a swimming pool?

A swimming pool requires planning permission in Italy however this is straightforward to obtain and we are pleased to introduce you to a geometra and local pool suppliers.

Can I buy a car in Italy?

Yes but you need to be an Italian resident

What advantages are there being an Italian resident?

There are considerable tax advantages of becoming an Italian resident when you purchase your home. We are happy to discuss this with you.