Living a healthy lifestyle in Italy

I’ve lived in the Piemonte region of Italy for many years now and it’s become very clear from my point of view, that it’s far easier to live a healthier lifestyle here.

One of the major advantages is the good weather of course, this means as a keen cyclist I can get out more which in turn gives me a great feel good factor.

I’ve noticed that in almost all of the villages here, you find great outdoor sport facilities, all with floodlights so you can play long into the night if you so desire. In fact during summer you see many Italians playing football way past midnight. It’s no wonder Italy is so good at the sport.

Most villages have outdoor swimming pools which serve as great entertainment for the kids during the summer break. All these pools have somewhere to eat so you can spend the whole day there and get fit at the same time.

The area’s landscape is ideal for jogging and trekking and in fact you will see many foreigners taking part in such activities for a least 9 months of the year if not more.

The excellent climate is only one factor though, the other of course is the quality of the food. Piemonte in known world wide for it’s excellent cuisine and is in fact the capital of the Slow Food Movement.

Here in Piemonte, and Italy in general, great emphasis is placed on home cooked food mostly using local goods and produce. You will notice here in this region there are not so many fast food outlets as the UK for example. There are however many delicatessens selling freshly home cooked food to take away. This means that after a late day at work you can stop somewhere and buy a healthy tasty meal for the evening. All in all I’ve find that my diet has improved immensely.

Life expectancy is also longer here in Italy. I believe the average Italian lives until 84, in the UK it’s 79.

I have to say that when we first decided to move here, I really had no idea that my whole lifestyle would change for the better. It’s been a wonderful bonus for me and I hope to continue with a happy healthy life here in the future. Thank you Italy.


2 thoughts on “Living a healthy lifestyle in Italy

  1. Paul Wisbey

    The Italian diet and way of eating is amazing. High in poly unsaturated fat, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Not forgetting a nice glass of red wine coupled with a piece of rich dark chocolate.
    Very meat orientated here in Piedmont with the speciality being raw meat…this also has huge health benefits. It can be had either as a minced style, or cut into thin slices. Either way it’s wonderful. Game also plays a big part…wild boar, rabbit, hare, pheasant, deer.
    A great region for food.

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