Property investment in Italy

Although the world financial crisis is in full swing we still have clients with money to invest and with uncertainties in the financial markets they are seeking alternative investment opportunities.

Property prices In Italy are remaining relatively stable but of course there are some bargains to be had !!

Tourism here in the Piemonte (Piedmont) region of Italy is thriving and while the poor performance of Sterling may affect the British market a little, the number of tourists coming here each year is increasing.

Piemonte offers something for everyone be it sports, food, culture, sea, skiing, wine and access to the wonderful Italian cities of Milan, Turin, and Genoa etc.

More and more tourists visiting the area are seeking self catering type holiday accommodation. Investors looking at properties in Piemonte with holiday rental potential certainly have an interesting investment opportunity……

A typical two bedroom property can fetch in the region of Euro 1000 per week with this figure increasing depending on standard of accommodation and amenities eg if there is a swimming pool.

Tourists are arriving in the Piemonte region all year round – a good return on your investment is for sure a viable proposition.

If you don’t live in Piemonte permanently and you buy a property for holiday rental, you will need someone to manage the rental business for you. There are agencies who will do this for you and there are also local Italian and foreign families that provide this service. Such assistance is very easily arranged.

With careful planning and an effective advertising campaign this is an investment seriously worth considering …….

2 thoughts on “Property investment in Italy

  1. Radu Bogdan

    I believe the financial crisis has hit property sales all around the world. Still, at this moment, an investment on property market is better and safer than any other time.
    The prices are going down so if you have some spare money put aside it could be the right moment to invest them.

  2. Johm Smith

    The property investment has always been termed as a good option for the investors to invest in.Though there were some pit falls globally in real estate industry and the property investors were bit susceptible about there ROI.But the market has recovered and even at the financial downfall globally it had maintained a kind of stability as well.I found some article at which provides me the real bright prospective of doing property investment right in this phase of market…..the things are really up for a property investors like us!!!!!!!

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