White Christmas in The Langhe Piedmont

Winter in Piemonte is always truly delightful with regular dustings of snow very welcome by the nearby ski areas, however this year we have experienced record snow falls. The first snow fell in November and we have had regular snow falls thereafter. The most memorable being the snow that began to fall at 10am on Christmas day morning and continued throughout the day and night. The perfect white christmas and an absolute joy for all. Its worth mentioning that the snow is dealt with very efficiently in Piemonte with the main roads kept very clear at all times.

Today was a wonderful day with bright blue skies, crisp cold temperatures, clear mounatin views and the snowy background – a perfect winters day!! and its days like today that make it hard to believe the wonderful warm and dry summers that we enjoy in this region of Italy. I’ve included some photographs for you all to enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “White Christmas in The Langhe Piedmont

  1. piedmontphil

    Thanks for the great pictures. Although we missed the snow on Christmas day (we must be 30 miles East of you) we got it on the 26th instead. I see we have a lot of snow forecast for this week too. Happy New Year.

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