Excellent ski conditions in Piemonte

Winter in Piemonte continues to be very snowy this year with record snow falls recorded for more than thirty years.

Day to day life continues without disruption with local town communities working well to keep the roads and pathways clear of snow and safe.

Nearby Ski areas are experiencing exceptionally good skiing conditions with Limone Piemonte and Mondole Ski currently boasting  250 cm of snow with more snow falling as I write!

Skiing can be found both in the north and south of Piemonte, the areas in the north very well known – Valle d’ Aosta, Sestriere, Courmayeur are just a few…

The areas in the south less well known and not yet discovered by package tourism,  you therefore ski in a relaxed manner and normally with local Italian families.

Limone Piemonte and Mondole Ski have good facilities and offer ski runs for all levels, snowboarding, play areas in the snow for children and of course many bars for those who choose only to participate in the Après-ski.

Mondole ski is infact three ski areas which are linked to each other by piste  – Frabosa, Artesina and Prato Nevosa.

Italians enjoy winter and the snow and its delightful that the conditions are so good for skiing this year


Ski in Piemonte

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